The golden eggs haven’t hatched just yet, but we know you want to start counting your birds; so join the rest of the creative high flyers as they flock to the official I did that ad Loeries Predictions page – which has just this minute gone live.

Think chicken, cola and cars; rainbows, alphabets and even Enrique.

“This is definitely the most varied collection of work that we have featured on our Predictions page, so it’s sure to get those feathers flying,” says ididthatad.com’s Julie Maunder.

This year, the Loeries pulled in over 2 500 entries, with the TV/Film category catching the bulk of the entries. It seems a little serendipitous that Velocity Films volunteered to partner with ididthatad.com to pull together the predictions.

“We are delighted to have been able to add a little excitement to the build-up, and can’t wait to see how these compare to the results this weekend,” says Velocity Films executive producer Nicola Valentine.

Maunder concludes: “Thank you once again to our fabulous panel, who not only gave of their precious time, but were also prepared to put their reputations on the line by predicting what we all know is often completely unpredictable.”

Without further ado….







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